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OHJW5161 (10W) Explosion proof working light
  • Explosion-proof-working-light
  • OHJW5161 (10W) Explosion proof working light
  • OHJW5161 (10W) Explosion proof working light

OHJW5161 (10W) Explosion proof working light

Range of application:

■ Widely used in petroleum mining, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry and other dangerous environment for general lighting and operational lighting;
■ It could work in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of explosive gas environment;
■ It could work in Zone 21 and Zone 22 of flammable dust environment;
■ It could work for T1-T6(T5) of temperature group;
■ It could work for places with high protection requirements and poor wet environment.

Product Features

The drive circuit adopts low-voltage design, and external AC 36V voltage work to ensure personal safety.

The transparent parts adopt anti-glare design, and the light is soft, which improves the comfort of the work site.

The shell material is made of The us navy die-cast aluminum material, and the transparent part is made of PC anti-elastic-glue material, which has good anti-corrosion and anti-collision performance.

The surface of the shell is made of high-tech spraying technology, which has good corrosion resistance and is used reliably in indoor and outdoor environments.

From the structural design to meet the waterproof requirements, the product enclosure protection level reaches IP65.

The light source cavity is separated from the electrical cavity, and the lamp body is designed with a heat dissipation rib structure to effectively control the temperature rise of each component, thereby prolonging the service life of the LED and the drive.

Product Parameters


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