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Ou Hui lighting always believes that innovation is the primary productive force. Therefore, in the early stage of the company's establishment, it established its own R&D team, which has accumulated over 8 years of research and development on various aspects such as appearance, structure, heat dissipation, light distribution and power supply. And continue to invest, currently has more than 20 senior and intermediate technical talents such as industrial designers, process engineers, structural engineers, electronic engineers, quality engineers, R & D engineers. Ou Hui's strong technical force, strict testing methods, scientific management system and the spirit of innovation have created today's high-quality Ou Hui lighting products.

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Ou Hui strictly implements the ISO9001:2008 quality system standard in the whole production process, from pre-machining, shot blasting, to assembly of production line components, final inspection and testing aging, seamlessly connecting each process, and also Introduced more advanced production equipment and technical strength to improve product quality and production capacity.Explosion proof lighting manufacturers through years of precipitation, the factory has a large number of skilled production and technical personnel, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 sets, now has two machining production lines, five assembly lines, and more than 110 production line workers.

Explosion proof light manufacturer always adheres to strict quality policy and pursues the design and production concept of energy saving, environmental protection and green lighting. All products are made of high quality raw materials at home and abroad. Focusing on market demand, using effective technology, materials and light sources, we will strictly implement scientific innovations to optimize product performance and functionality.

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