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Application field of metallurgical forging
Dec 04, 2019

Application field of metallurgical forging


Metallurgical workshop

Light brings you a comfortable, safe and efficient experience.


The significance of high quality lighting for your work

Efficient lighting electrical products, saving lighting power, reducing environmental pollution, meeting people's needs for lighting quality, lighting environment and reducing environmental pollution, and building a high-quality, efficient, economic, comfortable, safe, reliable and beneficial environment lighting system is our pursuit for high-quality lighting. Long life lighting products can greatly reduce the cost of labor, maintenance and replacement in the use process.

"Green lighting" has produced huge economic and social benefits in the global scope. It is regarded as an effective measure to promote energy conservation and environmental protection by the international community, and it is the strategic requirement for the implementation of sustainable development.



Share your worries and solve your problems

Professional industrial lighting solutions can make the work safety of all posts and areas in the metallurgical industry easier, so as to reduce accidents; reduce equipment failure, improve productivity; and achieve high efficiency and energy saving.


Green lighting and energy saving and emission reduction

Green lighting has become an effective way and an important hand in promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change mitigation in the world. " Our government has taken a series of important measures, such as the promotion of financial subsidies, investment within the central budget, and international cooperation, to promote green lighting projects.

From fire to incandescent lamp, to energy-saving lamp and led, lighting technology is developing constantly, product type is updating and changing, and lighting industry is also developing continuously. Especially with the rapid development of LED, it is recognized as an energy-saving lighting product, which not only creates more business opportunities for the lighting industry, but also brings the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.


Intelligent lighting and guarantee of safety production

Most of the production sites in metallurgical industry have objective conditions such as high temperature, strong vibration, more dust and more mixed gas, so the requirements for lighting are very complex. Although there are strict safety guarantee measures for production operation, high speed, high temperature, pressure pipeline, combustible gas on the production line, as well as falling of high-altitude objects in the process of maintenance shall be paid attention to in the production process to ensure safe production in the industrial environment.


High quality lighting and improving production efficiency

Good lighting in the workplace is essential for high-quality and efficient work. Good lighting can not only avoid operation errors and improve accuracy, but also eliminate the fatigue or discomfort of the staff during long-term operation. It makes everyone feel energetic, focused and always in a happy mood. Medicine has proved that environmental light has a great impact on human physical and mental health.

Lighting characteristics of different workplaces

Our lighting solutions can add value to your production process in the form of ancillary services. The following is for some typical places, such as steel market sample area, coking plant room, ironmaking plant room, raw material plant room, steel plant room, medium workshop room, electrical room mezzanine room, quality inspection platform room, underground oil depot room, inspection platform. This paper introduces in detail the solutions and advantages of our company's lighting equipment.


Safety lighting -- basement lighting of coking plant

In the basement of coking plant, the temperature is high, the annual average temperature is 20-25 ℃; there is slight vibration and dust, but it is not thick. It is required to build sanitation regularly every day, and there will be dust phenomenon, which is always on.

With the latest ohbf8230 explosion-proof LED lamps produced by our company, a certain number of modifications have been carried out in advance, and the average illuminance after measuring several points is about 37lx.

To eliminate some causes of combustion and explosion, our company has high-quality explosion-proof floodlights with the highest explosion-proof level, which can help you achieve safe lighting protection.


Intelligent work lighting system -- raw material factory area lighting

In industrial production, light is the guarantee of production efficiency. Effective lighting can keep people's attention and improve the accuracy of judgment, not only improve performance and productivity, but also reduce accidents and increase efficiency. The daily working lighting time of the raw material factory is not long. If the uninterrupted lighting is provided, not only the operation cost will be increased, but also the energy will be wasted. Our intelligent working lighting system solution can integrate lighting, monitoring, fault alarm, access control system networking and humanized management, and the lighting system will be more energy-saving.


Before transformation


After transformation

High efficiency lighting -- steel plant lighting

In the 210t converter operation area of Jigang steel plant, No.5 and No.6 continuous casters are on the upper platform (i.e. crown block track platform), the site temperature is about 40 degrees, the vibration is large, the dust is large, and the use frequency is 12h;

Mounting height and spacing (front, back, left and right):

The installation height of 5 and 6 continuous caster platforms is about 30 meters, with an interval of 6-7 meters;

Before and after the installation of the lamp:

The area was originally installed with ohsj7130-j400w and the illumination value is 27lx; now it is installed with ohsf9162-210w and the illumination value is 42lx.


Intelligent lighting and guarantee of safety production -- medium workshop of steel plant

Safety is the most important thing in an industrial environment. Our lighting solutions can ensure the safety of production personnel and equipment in the production process. Through the accurate design of the projection direction of the lamps, the production personnel will not feel discomfort caused by the glare of the lamps when operating in the operation position, and the safety of the climbing maintenance operation is guaranteed.


Energy saving lighting electrical mezzanine room

In corridors, stairs, bathrooms and other public places where people are constantly moving, where natural light cannot be projected, lighting is a guarantee of safety. However, 24-hour continuous lighting for them every day is not only to pay more, but also a waste of precious resources. Our energy-saving lighting solutions can realize people to light, people to go out of light, to do meticulous service.


Safety lighting -- lighting of quality inspection platform room and underground oil depot room

The normal operation of the underground oil depot room is to ensure the uninterrupted power supply in case of any unexpected situation. Due to the potential risk of combustible gas release, it is required to ventilate in time and eliminate some causes of combustion and explosion. The floodlight with high-quality explosion-proof performance of our company has the highest explosion-proof level, which can help you realize the safety lighting guarantee.

●Product overview

We have a complete set of lighting equipment for metallurgical workshop lighting, and can provide a comprehensive solution. Meet the lighting needs of every place in the metallurgical workshop.

Use environment

Luminaire type

Product pictures

 Installation mode

Basement of coking plant



Mainly adopt ceiling type, side wall type or bent bar type installantio

Raw material plant



Wall mounted bracket installation is mainly adopted

Steel plant



Adopt ceiling type, side wall type and seat type installation

Power Supply Room



Ceiling mounted and side wall mounted

Mezzanine of electrical room



Side wall and ceiling mounted

Quality inspection platform



Ceiling and embedded installation



Mainly adopt ceiling type and side wall type installation

Intelligent work lighting system

The intelligent control system can realize linkage by networking lighting and monitoring, fault alarm and gate system. The control system has the following functions:

(1) Remote centralized control function

(2) Multi time task control function

(3) Multiple inductive dimming functions

(4) It can be linked with monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation, fire control and access control system;

(5) Automatic collection of line energy consumption and automatic fault alarm

(6) Control authority hierarchical management function

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