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Jan 07, 2020

Mine application field


Coal handling channel

Light, bring you efficiency and safety


The significance of high quality lighting for your work

Lighting is more than just a function of illumination.

Use different lighting modes to provide customers with safe and comfortable working space to adapt to different work needs.

Under the premise of global energy shortage, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the responsibility of enterprises and even the whole society. Lighting with low energy consumption and high brightness helps enterprises achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Long life maintenance free lighting products can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement in the use process.


Sincerely be your assistant

Our lighting solutions focus on three areas of value to you: improving production efficiency, improving security, and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Green lighting and energy saving and emission reduction

The whole society has realized that reducing environmental pollution and waste of resources is an important guarantee for human survival, and the state has also promulgated environmental protection law to restrict the waste or destruction of resources. The traditional lighting products not only affect the quality of operation, but also consume high energy. Upgrading the lighting system of the steam turbine plant and adopting the new LED energy-saving lighting lamps can greatly reduce the energy consumption while ensuring the on-site illumination. LED lighting solutions have been verified in various industries and recognized by all walks of life.

High quality lighting and improving production efficiency

Good lighting in the workplace is essential for high-quality and efficient work. Good lighting can not only avoid operation errors and improve accuracy, but also eliminate the fatigue or discomfort of the staff during long-term operation. It makes everyone feel energetic, focused and always in a happy mood. Medicine has proved that environmental light has a great impact on human physical and mental health.


Intelligent lighting and guarantee of safety production

Safety is the most important thing in an industrial environment. Our lighting solutions can ensure the safety of production personnel and equipment in the production process. Through the accurate design of the projection direction of the lamps, the production personnel will not feel discomfort caused by the glare of the lamps when operating in the operation position, and the safety of the climbing maintenance operation is guaranteed.

Lighting characteristics of different workplaces

Our lighting solutions can add value to your production process in the form of ancillary services. Next, for some typical places, such as the bottom layer of the turbine room, the operation layer of the turbine room, and the pipe layer of the turbine room, the solutions and advantages of our lighting equipment are introduced in detail.


Energy saving lighting - equipment operation layer lighting

The equipment operation and working condition observation shall be carried out on the equipment operation layer, with high illumination requirements, high lamp power and long lighting time. LED lamps have high energy saving performance, more than 40% energy saving than metal halide lamps, which can meet the energy saving requirements of customers.


Intelligent work lighting system -- workshop lighting of coal washing plant

In industrial production, light is the guarantee of production efficiency. Effective lighting can keep people's attention and improve the accuracy of judgment, not only improve performance and productivity, but also reduce the probability of accidents. However, high lighting standards often mean high energy consumption. At present, most of the lighting equipment can not identify the changing lighting requirements on site, and provide uninterrupted lighting, which not only increases operating costs, but also wastes energy. Our intelligent work lighting system solution can be adjusted in real time according to the lighting requirements of the site through various detectors, controllers and clock control programs Integrated lighting scheme, the lighting system is more energy-saving and money saving.


Energy saving lighting -- bottom lighting of coal washing plant

In the bottom layer of the coal washing plant where natural light cannot be projected, lighting is the guarantee of safety, but the bottom layer basically has no equipment operation and less personnel flow. If lighting is uninterrupted 24 hours a day, it is a waste of resources. Timing control or according to whether there are personnel to adjust the brightness of the lamp can achieve secondary energy saving and bring greater economic benefits to customers.

●Product overview

We have a complete set of lighting equipment for coal mine lighting, and can provide a comprehensive solution. Meet the lighting needs of every place in the coal mine.

Use environment

Luminaire type

Product pictures

Installation mode

Bottom layer of coal washing plant



Installation with side wall or bent bar

Top floor of coal washing plant



Installation with suspender

Control system hardware

Single light controller


Loop controller


Bright detector


Intelligent work lighting system

The intelligent control system (the following are the prerequisites) can network the lighting and monitoring, fault alarm, front door system, and realize linkage. The control system has the following function options:

(1) Remote centralized control function

(2) Multi time task control function

(3) Multiple inductive dimming functions

(4) It can be linked with monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation, fire control and access control system;

(5) Automatic collection of line energy consumption and automatic fault alarm

(6) Control authority hierarchical management function

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