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Electric power application field
Jan 07, 2020

Application field of power grid


For a long time, the safety hazards of power plant lighting systems are common in the safe operation systems of various thermal power plants. Due to the harsh environment, long lighting time, high lighting requirements, large number of lamps, and inconvenient maintenance, the related management has long been plagued. , operation and maintenance personnel.


In particular, the worst-case coal handling system in the power plant, most of which is due to the backward design of the luminaire, resulting in too many on-site luminaires, the installation position of the luminaire is unreasonable, the illuminance does not meet the requirements of normal production and maintenance, and the maintenance cost in the later period is greatly increased. Not only causes waste of resources, but also greatly reduces work efficiency. In addition, the special working environment of high temperature, dust, vibration and corrosion of the plant can not meet the basic safety production needs.


The overall environment of the site is relatively harsh, the illumination is uneven, and most of the maximum illumination is only about 20Lx, which seriously affects the normal maintenance and maintenance of the production and workshop equipment, especially the trestle part of the lighting, the illumination is insufficient, the ground is slippery, the steps are more, and between the walking People have a dizzy feeling, and there are huge hidden dangers. In response to these situations, we have developed corresponding lighting products and developed corresponding lighting solutions.


Firstly, the lamps of Ouhui products could fully meet and exceed the requirements of GB3836, ensuring that the lamps are explosion-proof and reliable. The product light source module adopts high-brightness LED light source and the constant current driving power source, which is 60% more energy-efficient than gas discharge lamps; LED components All sealed, waterproof and dustproof, no need for internal cleaning and maintenance; low thermal resistance of the circuit board, specially designed module circuit, each unit failure will not affect the normal operation of the remaining components.

Secondly, the power module, we use constant current drive power with intelligent power regulator; with luminous flux compensation function, reduce light decay, ensure the light efficiency of LED light source; with over voltage protection, over current protection and surge current protection.







Finally, the heat-dissipating module, the explosion-proof lamp housing is formed by high-pressure aluminum alloy casting, and the surface is subjected to high-pressure electrostatic spraying after shot blasting, which effectively provides the heat dissipation performance of the shell; the aluminum substrate is closely attached to the aluminum alloy shell, and the point heat source can be instantly converted into The surface heat source, the heat dissipation area is multiplied, which facilitates the rapid dispersion of heat and improves the heat dissipation efficiency; the surface of the casing has a shunting dispersion groove, and the heat is taken away by the air flow; the heat sink has a high density, which greatly provides a heat dissipation area, and fully ensures the heat dissipation requirement of the LED. , longer service life. Below we recommend the following dedicated explosion-proof lamps for power plant grid lighting scenarios.




●Product overview

We have a complete set of lighting equipment for power grid lighting, and can provide a comprehensive solution. Meet the lighting needs of every place in the power grid.

Use environment

Luminaire type

Product pictures

Installation mode

Thermal power area



Installation of suspender, bent bar, upright bar or ceiling

Thermal power area



Wall mounted

Cooling tower area



Installation of suspender, bent bar, upright bar or ceiling



Operation room, distribution room



Ceiling and embedded installation

Emergency lighting



Sidewall installation



Sidewall installation

Intelligent work lighting system

The intelligent control system can network the lighting and monitoring, fault alarm, access control system, and realize linkage. The control system has the following functions:

(1) Remote centralized control function

(2) Multi time task control function

(3) Multiple inductive dimming functions

(4) It can be linked with monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation, fire control and access control system;

(5) Automatic collection of line energy consumption and automatic fault alarm

(6) Control authority hierarchical management function

Access router


Single light controller


Loop controller


Intelligent socket


Bright detector


Temperature and humidity detector


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