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Port ship application field
Jan 07, 2020

Port ship application field


High-quality lighting is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment. High-quality lighting brings you safety and reliability, eliminates safety hazards, and is energy efficient and meets energy conservation and emission reduction requirements.


High quality lighting is the basic guarantee for normal operation of equipment


The value of high quality lighting

Safe and reliable, eliminate potential safety hazards

High efficiency and energy saving to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction

The product is maintenance free, reducing the safety risk of high altitude maintenance and the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Lighting characteristics of different areas

Our lighting solutions are designed for different lighting areas, which can bring you additional value on the premise of satisfying high-quality lighting. The following mainly introduces the solutions and advantages of our company's lighting equipment in detail for portal crane, ship unloader, shore bridge and other areas.


Comfort lighting - gantry lighting

The LED lamps installed in the gantry crane are mainly used to provide high-quality lighting for the normal work of the site staff. The lamps are equipped with a variety of light distribution according to the high and low environment to ensure the illumination and uniformity of the site, improve the working efficiency and eliminate the potential safety hazards. The average daily use time of the lamps is 12 hours.


Anti vibration lighting - ship unloader lighting

During normal operation of the ship unloader, the vibration is large, and the site lighting environment is severe. Our company adopts anti-seismic gear engagement adjusting plate to resist the strong vibration on site, so as to ensure that the light source used for a long time is not separated and the bracket is not broken.

●Product overview

For gantry crane, ship unloader, shore bridge and other areas, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions to meet the lighting needs of different areas.

Use environment

Luminaire type

Product pictures

Installation mode

Ship unloader



Adopt ceiling type, suspender type and side wall type installation

Portal crane



Pedestal and side wall installation

Quay crane




Adopt ceiling type, suspender type and side wall type installation

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