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Railway applications
Jan 07, 2020

Railway applications


Modern railway lighting projects not only need to meet the above requirements, but also require bright, diverse, long-lasting and professional lighting engineering solutions, while reducing system acquisition and maintenance costs.


Generally, the waiting platform is almost the same in space and function as the underground waiting platform. It is only based on the ground or the elevated structure. It relies entirely on natural light during the daytime, and artificial lighting is only used at night. Different from ordinary buildings, the subway platform is generally independent of other buildings. Night passengers must pass through the dimly lit outdoor space when entering and leaving the platform. Therefore, the illumination of the ground station should not be too high to avoid passengers entering and leaving the station. A stronger visual adaptation process.


The operation of the railway industry is generally 24 hours a day, so it is necessary to fully consider the energy-saving operation of the lighting system, the effective use of natural light, and measures to extend the life of the light source.


For example, the light source and luminaire installed in the indoor or underground waiting station should have high operational reliability and long operating life to reduce the workload and cost of maintenance operations.

Outdoor open-air platform or open railway line, the lamps require sturdy and durable, good anti-vibration performance, strong heat dissipation, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion. Below we recommend the following special explosion-proof lamps for railway lighting scenarios.



Platform canopy

High quality lighting is the basic guarantee of railway safety operation


The value of high quality lighting

Provide safe and comfortable lighting environment

High efficiency and energy saving to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction

The product is maintenance free, reducing the safety risk of high altitude maintenance and the cost of maintenance and replacement.


Lighting characteristics of different areas

Our lighting solutions are designed for different lighting areas, which can bring you additional value on the premise of satisfying high-quality lighting. The following mainly introduces the solutions and advantages of our company's lighting equipment for the platform, waiting room, ticket hall and other areas.


Intelligent lighting platform lighting

The LED lamps installed in the platform rain shed are mainly used to provide high-quality lighting for passengers' entering and leaving the station and safe operation of the train. The average use time of the lamps is more than 12 hours per day.

LED lamps and intelligent lighting system are combined to realize the automatic light on and off of lamps through illumination and microwave induction, as well as the automatic control of light on and off according to the area. At the same time, it can also monitor and alarm the on-site lighting conditions, circuit electrical parameters and light source service life, so as to truly meet the requirements of intelligent control, energy conservation and emission reduction.


Humanized lighting -- lighting of waiting room and ticket office

Waiting room and ticket office are places for passengers to buy tickets and wait for trains. This place needs to provide a comfortable lighting environment for customers to rest temporarily. The lamps are on almost 24 hours. This place needs lamps with uniform light distribution, adjustable brightness and color temperature, which can also be combined with some functional modules in the intelligent lighting system. Under the premise of providing comfortable lighting, it can also meet the requirements of intelligent control and energy conservation and emission reduction.

●Product overview

For the platform, waiting room, ticket hall and other areas, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions to meet the lighting needs of different areas.

Use environment

Luminaire type

Product pictures

Installation mode




Generally, embedded or suspender type installation is adopted

Waiting roomOHSF9159


Generally, ceiling or embedded installation is adopted

Emergency lighting



Sidewall installation



Sidewall installation

ticket officeIntelligent work lighting system

The intelligent control system can be combined with on-site lamps, and the following function modules can be used to adjust the brightness of lamps, the lighting and extinction of lamps, the monitoring of electric parameters and lighting time in the circuit, the monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity, and the linkage control of central air conditioning.

Single light controller, loop controller, light detector, temperature and humidity detector, intelligent socket, and access router




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