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Application field of public security fire protection
Jan 07, 2020

Application field of public security fire protection

Fire, the guardian angel of the retrograde, the dawn of the rescued.


It mainly includes personal protective lighting, external field lighting, and vehicle lighting. The selection of different brightness and different function lamps can greatly improve the user's working efficiency. The correct choice can effectively improve the emergency response capability and ensure the safety of the operation, and better reflect the scene. Intelligent and multi-faceted control of rescue.


The value that our lighting fixtures can bring to you is to improve safety, improve emergency response and improve operational efficiency.


High-intensity lighting can effectively penetrate thick smoke and dense fog, effectively illuminate the rescue environment, and clearly present the scene and surrounding things. The explosion-proof and high-protection design can meet the safe use of various harsh environments, thus greatly improving the fire rescue workers. Self-installation guarantees in various operating environments.


Long battery life, clear battery life display, can guarantee rapid alarm at any time, effectively improve the emergency speed. The product is easy to carry, and the on-site loading and unloading is fast, effectively improving the speed of on-site rescue work, thereby greatly improving the emergency operation capability. The highly integrated and versatile design enables one lamp to be versatile and effectively replaces other equipment, thereby reducing the wearer's load and on-site equipment time, greatly improving the efficiency of field operations.


Depending on the lighting characteristics of the different workplaces, our lighting fixtures and solutions can add value as ancillary services during your rescue operations. The following lighting fixtures and product combinations are recommended below for lighting industry lighting scenarios.


Fire control

Reliable lighting, guardian angel of the rebel, dawn of the saved


The value of reliable lighting

Lighting is more than just a function of lighting the environment

The operation efficiency of users can be greatly improved through the selection of lamps with different brightness and functions

The correct choice can effectively improve the emergency handling ability and operation safety guarantee, and realize the intelligent multi-directional management and control wisdom of on-site rescue.


Sincerely be your guardian angel

Our lighting solutions focus on three aspects to bring value to you: improve safety precautions, improve emergency response capabilities, and improve work efficiency.


High brightness and safety protection

The high brightness lighting can effectively penetrate the smoke and fog, effectively illuminate the rescue environment, and clearly present the scene and surrounding things. The explosion-proof and high protection design can meet the safe use of various harsh environment places, so as to greatly improve the self installation guarantee of rescue workers in various operation environments.

Professional design to improve emergency handling capacity

Super long endurance time, clear endurance display, able to guarantee quick alarm at any time, and effectively improve the speed of emergency response

The product is easy to carry, fast to load and unload on site, which can effectively improve the rapid development of on-site rescue work, so as to enhance the emergency operation ability loudly

Humanized design improves work efficiency

Highly integrated and multi-functional integrated design can realize multi-function of one lamp, effectively replace other equipment, thus reducing the load of wearing personnel and equipment time on site, greatly improving the efficiency of on-site operation.

Lighting characteristics of different workplaces

Our lighting solutions can add value to your rescue operations in the form of ancillary services. The following is for some typical scenes, such as personal protection lighting, outdoor rapid expansion range lighting, outdoor large-scale lighting and vehicle lighting. This paper introduces in detail the product mix, solutions and advantages of the lighting equipment in the public security fire protection industry of our company.


Light and bright lighting -- personal protective lighting

Lighting fixture is one of the necessary equipment for personal protection of firefighters, which can be divided into two types: Wearable lamp and portable lamp. The wearable lamps are mainly equipped with the front or side mounted on the fireman's helmet. Our design is mainly light, low weight and high brightness to ensure that the head of the wearer can be lowered while lighting. Portable lamps are mainly used by shoulder or hand-held. Our design focuses on multi-function, ultra-high brightness and ultra long endurance to ensure the lighting capacity and smoke penetration capacity of the operation site, and improve the work efficiency and safety protection of the wearer.


Large area ultra bright lighting -- outdoor area lighting

The first thing that needs to be solved in the effective implementation of night rescue field work is the field lighting. We design a series of range lighting equipment according to the different use scenarios. It can provide small and medium-sized lighting lamps which are easy to carry and fast to expand in rugged and bumpy areas, and also can provide large-scale lighting lighthouses for continuous operation in large-scale day and night. Ensure the lighting support capability of various rescue scenes.


Multi function lighting vehicle lighting

On board lighting is mainly used for vehicle alarm, on-site lighting and special area lighting. According to the use characteristics of vehicle lighting, our lighting equipment is designed to be able to project and search from a long distance or illuminate in a short range, monitor the driving route of the vehicle, record the scene on site, and transmit wireless pictures or command in real time. Highly integrated and multi-functional integration can be effectively used in various scenarios, improving the manageable and real-time analysis and scheduling efficiency of front-end rescue.

●Product overview

Auhui lighting has complete lighting equipment for public security fire lighting, and can provide a comprehensive solution. Meet the lighting requirements of each scene of fire fighting and rescue operation.

Use environmentLuminaire typeProduct picturesHow to carry
Personal protective lightingOHJW510210.jpgHand held, helmet sidewear
OHJW514211.jpgFront helmet
OHJW511512.jpgHand held, chest wear
OHJW513213.jpgHand and shoulder
OHJW516714.jpgHand and shoulder
OHJW512115.jpgHand and shoulder
Outdoor area lightingOHJW517516.jpgStrap, car
OHBF818917.jpgPortable, vehicle
OHSY682118.jpgVehicle, lifting, pushing and pulling
OHSY684019.jpgOn board, traction
Vehicle lightingOHJW311120.jpgvehicle

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