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Military enterprise application field
Jan 07, 2020

Military enterprise application field

Military enterprises have extremely strict request on the explosion-proof performance of lamps. The lamps are required to have good seismic, waterproof and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the lamps used are not only satisfy illuminating functions, but also needs to be 100% safe and reliable.


Our lighting products focus on three aspects to bring you value: safe production guarantee, improve production efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction. It can ensure that the production personnel and equipment of the enterprise are safer in the production process. Our luminaires fully meet and exceed the requirements of GB3836, ensuring that the luminaires are explosion-proof and reliable, while accurately combining the user's usage habits to prevent the effects of light pollution and glare on the work, and safe production is guaranteed.


Reliable work lighting is critical to increasing productivity. Each production process is closely linked, and reliable work lighting at night provides guarantee for continuous production.


The whole society has realized that reducing environmental pollution and waste of resources is an important guarantee for human survival. The state has also promulgated environmental protection laws to restrict waste or destruction of resources. The traditional lighting products not only have low brightness, but also high quality. The new LED energy-saving lighting fixtures can solve problems quickly and completely. Our lighting products add value in an ancillary way to your production process. The following products for the above listed problems can be safely and reliably in such lighting scenarios.

Assembly workshop

Efficient and safe lighting ensures your production and operation.


High quality lighting is the basic guarantee of production


The value of high quality lighting

Provide comfortable lighting environment

High efficiency and energy saving to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction

The product is maintenance free, reducing the safety risk of high altitude maintenance and the cost of maintenance and replacement.


Safety production and green lighting

The main production area is the assembly area. The above areas belong to the high-precision environment. Explosion-proof electrical appliances must be used for the field electrical appliances, and the production area has high requirements for lighting. The traditional gas discharge lamp consumes a lot of electricity and has serious light decay, which is easy to cause the lack of field lighting and affect the production and operation. Our explosion-proof interior lighting solution can provide customers with efficient and energy-saving LED lighting products with uniform illumination, low light attenuation and long service life. Provide safe and green lighting service for explosion-proof inner field area.

●Product overview

For the military enterprises, we have a complete set of lighting equipment, and can provide a comprehensive solution. To meet the lighting needs of every workshop in military enterprises.

Use environmentDuty Room

Luminaire type

Product pictures

Installation mode

Outdoor lighting products




Road lighting




Workshop lighting







Emergency lighting



Sidewall installation



Sidewall installation

Intelligent work lighting system

In the workshop, the intelligent control system can realize the linkage between lighting and power grid monitoring, fault alarm, and gate system, mainly including the following controllers:

(1) Single lamp controller: control dimming of one or more sets (less than 10) of lamps, detect voltage and current fault of lamps, etc.

(2) Loop controller: control the on-off of the loop and detect the loop fault;

(3) Bright detector: detect the brightness and moving objects on site;

(4) Infrared repeater: control the infrared remote control appliances such as air conditioner and TV on site;

(5) Access router: collect the feedback information of all the above controllers, feed back to the server, receive the instructions from the server, and forward the instructions to the above controllers.

(6) OUHUI lighting cloud service: access to OUHUI lighting cloud service on a computer browser, realize remote control, and monitor the use of on-site appliances.

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