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Application field of venue and plant area
Feb 22, 2020

Application field of venue and plant area


High quality lighting is the basic guarantee for the smooth progress of the competition


The value of high quality lighting

Provide comfortable lighting environment

High efficiency and energy saving to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction

The product is maintenance free, reducing the safety risk of high altitude maintenance and the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Lighting characteristics of different areas

Our lighting solutions are designed for different lighting areas, which can bring you additional value on the premise of satisfying high-quality lighting. The following is a detailed introduction of our company's lighting solutions and advantages for basketball hall, swimming pool, badminton hall and other areas.


Comfortable lighting - basketball hall lighting

The LED lamps installed in the basketball stadium are mainly used to provide high-quality lighting for the normal competition of athletes, and the average use time of the lamps is 10 hours per day.

LED lamps and intelligent system are combined to achieve different levels of illumination in Basketball Hall, which not only ensures the illumination, but also meets the uniformity. The single lamp control can be realized on site, the electric parameters of the circuit and the service life of the light source can be monitored and alarmed, so as to truly meet the requirements of intelligent control and energy saving and emission reduction.


Humanized lighting - swimming pool lighting

The environment of the natatorium is humid and needs anti-corrosion. The athletes often raise their heads when they exercise. The lamps and lanterns need anti dazzle. Our company adopts anti-corrosion materials and equipped with various light distribution to ensure that they are non corrosive, anti dazzle and safe for long-term use in this environment. The site can also be combined with some functional modules in the intelligent lighting system, which can also meet the requirements of intelligent control and energy saving and emission reduction on the premise of providing comfortable lighting.

●Product overview

For badminton stadium, swimming pool, basketball stadium and other areas, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions to meet the lighting needs of different areas.

Basketball Gym

Use environment

Luminaire type

Product pictures

Way of carrying

Indoor badminton court




Adopt ceiling type, suspender type and side wall type installation





Side wall installation




Adopt ceiling type, suspender type and side wall type installation

Intelligent work lighting system

The intelligent control system can be combined with on-site lamps, and the following function modules can be used to adjust the brightness of lamps, the lighting and extinction of lamps, the monitoring of electric parameters and lighting time in the circuit, the monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity, and the linkage control of central air conditioning.

Single light controller, loop controller, light detector, temperature and humidity detector, intelligent socket, and access router


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