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Petroleum and petrochemical applications
Feb 22, 2020

Petroleum and petrochemical applications


Petrochemical plant area

Guarantee of lighting safety and efficient production


Importance of lighting to safety production

Petrochemical plant area is mainly outdoor or indoor equipment such as tower, tank, pipeline, etc., most of which are zone 1 and zone 2 explosion-proof areas, and the requirements for explosion-proof performance of lamps are extremely strict. Most of them are outdoor areas, which require good water-proof and corrosion-resistant performance. At the same time, most of them are high-altitude areas of several meters or even hundreds of meters, high temperature and high pressure, so it is very difficult to replace and maintain the lamps. Therefore, the lamps used in petrochemical occasions are not only for lighting function, but also for safety and reliability.


Safety guard at your side

      The value of our lighting solutions to you: safety production guarantee, improving production efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction.


High standard design and safety production guarantee

Environmental safety is the most important factor in petrochemical production. Our lighting solutions can ensure the safety of production personnel and equipment in the production process. Our lamps and lanterns fully meet and exceed the standard requirements of GB3836, to ensure the explosion-proof reliability of lamps and lanterns, and at the same time, accurately combine the use habits of users, to prevent the impact of light pollution and glare on the work, so as to ensure the safety of production.


Reliable lighting and improvement of production efficiency

Reliable working lighting is very important to improve production efficiency. The equipment of petrochemical enterprises operates continuously for 24 hours, each production link is closely linked, there is no one minute and one second shutdown, reliable working lighting at night, providing guarantee for continuous production.


Green lighting and energy saving and emission reduction

The whole society has realized that reducing environmental pollution and waste of resources is an important guarantee for human survival, and the state has also promulgated environmental protection law to restrict the waste or destruction of resources. The traditional lighting products not only affect the quality of operation, but also consume high energy. Upgrading the lighting system in petrochemical plant area and adopting new LED energy-saving lighting lamps can solve the problem quickly and thoroughly. LED lighting solutions have been verified in various industries and are recognized as energy-saving lighting products by petrochemical customers.

Lighting characteristics of different workplaces

Our lighting solutions can add value to your production process in the form of ancillary services. In view of some typical places, such as pump area under pipe rack, tower area, operation room and power distribution room, the following details the solutions and advantages of our company's lighting equipment.


Safety lighting - flood lighting in pump area under pipe rack

All kinds of production pipelines are set up above the pump area under the pipe rack. There are many pumps, equipment, instruments and pipelines on the ground for various production purposes, and the environment is complex. Most of them are zone 1 and zone 2 explosion-proof areas, with flammable and explosive gas. The equipment operates 24 hours, and lighting plays an important role in the production process. Our lamps adopt thread explosion-proof and explosion-proof type, Ⅱ C explosion-proof grade, meeting the explosion-proof requirements of hydrogen and other flammable and explosive gases. 360 ° ring illumination light distribution design, lighting without dead angle, in the complex environment of pump area under the pipe rack, lighting each area, to provide security for production.


Energy saving lighting -- tower area platform lighting

The tower area has more than four floors, and the operators seldom go up at ordinary times. The illumination requirements are not high, which mainly plays a role in lighting, but the operators need enough lighting when they go up for patrol inspection. At the same time of meeting the requirements of on-site lighting and minimizing waste, we adopt intelligent lighting solutions to reduce the power of lighting when there is no one and meet the basic lighting requirements. When people come, we can automatically sense and improve the lighting of lighting, meet the lighting requirements of patrol inspection and realize energy saving.


Humanized lighting -- ceiling lighting in operation room

The main control room is a densely populated area, and it works for a long time, especially for shift work. It is easy for the staff to be inattentive, with high-quality light, which helps to promote the active thinking and concentration of the staff. For this scene, our company introduces a ceiling lamp with adjustable brightness and light color, which can be set as a scene mode to meet the user's radical, harmonious and warm environmental requirements and ensure reliable production.


Intelligent working lighting system -- lighting in distribution room

Power distribution room is an important guarantee of power in the production process. If there is a fault, it will directly affect the production efficiency, and even may cause safety accidents. Therefore, the distribution room needs to have enough lighting to provide support for monitoring, operation, inspection, etc. Our intelligent work lighting system solution can integrate lighting, monitoring, fault alarm, access control system and other integrated management, and the lighting system is more intelligent and energy-saving.

●Product overview
We have complete lighting equipment for Petrochemical area and can provide comprehensive solutions. To meet the lighting needs of every place in the petrochemical area.

Use environmentLuminaire typeProduct picturesInstallation mode
Pump area under pipe rackOHBF8231image.png
Installation of suspender, bent bar, upright bar or ceiling
Tower areaOHBF8231image.pngInstallation of suspender, bent bar, upright bar or ceiling
Operation room, distribution roomOHSF9159image.pngCeiling and embedded installation
Emergency lightingZFZD-E2W-OHBF8190image.pngSidewall installation
ZFZD-E2W-OHBF8191image.pngSidewall installation

Intelligent work lighting system

The intelligent control system can network the lighting and monitoring, fault alarm, access control system, and realize linkage. The control system has the following functions:

(1) Remote centralized control function

(2) Multi time task control function

(3) Multiple inductive dimming functions

(4) It can be linked with monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation, fire control and access control system;

(5) Automatic collection of line energy consumption and automatic fault alarm

(6) Control authority hierarchical management function

Access routerimage.png
Single light controller


Loop controllerimage.png
Intelligent socketimage.png
Bright detectorimage.png
Temperature and humidity detectorimage.png

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