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Buying skills of explosion proof lamp
Dec 18, 2021

The selection and purchase of explosion proof lamps depend on the season and the environment. The color temperature ranges from 2700 K to 6500K. The smaller the value, the more inclined yellow light is to blue and white light. Yellow light is usually suitable for winter and other occasions such as bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, etc., for warmth and comfort. And white light is more bright and clear, suit in summer and study, kitchen.

explosion proof lamp

1. Need to focus on color contrast, high-performance color: performance color refers to the object after the light exposure color authenticity, the value is 0 ~ 100, now LED bulbs explosion-proof LED lights performance specifications are more than 75, but the person advocates to choose more than 80 better, home studio people should choose to play color high light bulbs, more can reflect the authenticity of color.

2. Depending on the plateau number, ambient lighting requirements, selection number, and luminous flux: luminous flux refers to brightness. Under the same turf number, according to the different environments, the number of light bulbs used is different. Such as the same 5 pings of the bedroom and study each need 2 and 513-watt light bulbs.

3. Select high luminous power: the higher the luminous power on behalf of the more power-saving, the current LED light luminous power is usually higher than 80, the explosion proof lamp selected higher value the more energy-saving.

4. On the installation of the explosion proof lamp, we should pay attention to the specific construction methods, but also pay attention to the selection of their own explosion proof lamp.

explosion proof lamp

The above is about the explosion proof lamp function is what and explosion proof lamp purchase skill has what related introduction, everybody suggests going to the regular manufacturer when buying so that the quality of the things that buy lamps and lanterns can be guaranteed.

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