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Announcement: The New Trademark of Ouhui Lighting has been Registered Successfully!
Jul 01, 2024


The New Trademarkof Ouhui Lighting has been registered Successfully!



We will welcome a brand new visual logo

It marks the renewal and progress of our brand image

It will also become a symbol of our future development,

and it will represent our confidence and expectations for the future. 

During the business cooperation process, the new trademark and the old trademark will be used together for a period of time untilthe end of the Transition period and to ensure that our customers,enterprise cooperation partners and the masket have reached the desired level of awareness and acceptance of the new trademark. 

We have always been dedicated to the industrial explosion-proof lighting industry,and the innovation of the technology and product , and constantly improving our brand image and product quality. 

This trademark change is an important step for our future development, which will more directly reflect our brand image, more appropriate for our enterprise vision, move towards internationalization gradually, and establish closer connections with our customers and partners. 

In the coming next few months, you will see our new trademark gradually replacing the old trademark on various channels and platforms.It will include updating our official website, enterprise VI, product packaging, service numbers and more in this process.We will do our best to ensure that this change has the least impact on your business and end users.

We understand that this change may cause some inconvenience and doubt. But don't be worry about that, we assure that our product quality and service level will not be affected in any way, and our team will always provide you with professional technical support and services to ensure that your needs are met.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support and trust in us. We believe that this change will bring us more opportunities and development, as well as more professional products and services to our customers and partners.


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