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Explanation of the principle, technology and structure of explosion proof led lights
Sep 12, 2022

explosion proof led lights is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, its principle is the same as explosion-proof lamp, except that the light source is LED light source, it refers to the lamps and lanterns that take various specific measures to prevent ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas gas, etc. explosion proof led lights are Currently the most energy-efficient explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, widely used in oil fields - power plants - chemical plants - oil - troops.

explosion proof led lights

One of the very important principles of explosion proof led lights is to limit the temperature of the surfaces of the housing, parts or electronic components in contact with explosive gases, explosive dusts and to limit the temperature of the electrical contact surfaces below their minimum ignition or pilot temperatures. Explosion proof led lights for outdoor use require the use of waterproof drivers. Explosion proof led lights used in gas stations need to be shockproof!

Because LED is a solid-state cold light source, with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, low heat, low power consumption, working voltage is a safe low voltage, long service life and other advantages, low energy consumption; so high-power white LED is explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, especially portable explosion-proof lamps and lanterns of a very ideal electric light source.

explosion proof led lights, more in line with the new technology of explosion-proof. Belongs to a special industry with electrical equipment, mainly to solve the lighting problem, it includes a lamp housing, set in the front of the lamp housing lampshade, set in the internal light emitting body and battery, set in the surface of the lamp housing switch, its characteristics are: light emitting body for high-power LED module, between the light emitting body and the battery with a wide voltage input drive circuit; wide voltage input drive circuit includes constant current chip, constant current chip and battery The LED module is connected to the constant current chip, and the power supply module is glued to the LED module; the lamp cover is ultrasonic welded to the lamp housing.

Using the characteristics of LED low heat generation, to achieve intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and LED light source life is long; battery in the full charge and discharge at the end of the LED are maintained constant brightness; set on the lamp shell cooling device, can achieve effective heat dissipation of LED module, to ensure the use of stability, suitable for coal, oil, railroads, flood control and other industries lighting.

explosion proof led lights explosion-proof structure type, according to the level and scope of the area of explosive gas environment to decide, such as the scope of Zone 1 must use explosion-proof lamps and lanterns; fixed lamps and lanterns in Zone 2 can be used explosion-proof and safety-enhancing type, mobile lamps and lanterns must be used explosion-proof type. The level or group of the selected explosion-proof lamp should not be lower than the level and group of explosive mixtures in the explosive hazardous environment. At the same time to consider the impact of the environment on the explosion-proof lamps, should meet the ambient temperature, air humidity, corrosive or polluting substances and other requirements of different environments. To choose the protection level and anti-corrosion level of lamps and lanterns according to different environmental requirements. Especially in the presence of corrosive gases in the explosive gas environment, it is crucial to choose lamps with corresponding anti-corrosion properties.

LED explosion proof line lamp

In petrochemical enterprises, explosion proof led lights in explosive hazardous places mainly use explosion-proof type. With the widespread use of safety-enhancing electrical equipment in explosion hazardous locations in Zone 2, safety-enhancing and composite lighting fixtures are also increasingly used. Safety-enhanced lamps and lanterns have certain explosion-proof performance, compared with explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, with the advantages of light weight, low price, easy installation and maintenance, long service life, etc.. The most common composite electrical equipment used in the petrochemical enterprises is the safety - explosion-proof composite explosion-proof electrical equipment, generally by the explosion-proof parts, safety-enhanced terminals and safety-enhanced shell of three parts, it has both the safety performance of the explosion-proof type, but also has the advantages of the safety-enhanced type.

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