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Features and applicability of Explosion proof lamp
Sep 27, 2022

An explosion-proof lamp is used for the presence of combustible gas and dust in dangerous places that can prevent the lamp's internal arc, sparks, and high-temperature ignition of the surrounding environment of combustible gas and dust, in order to achieve the explosion-proof requirements of the lamps. The Explosion-proof lamp has different requirements for Explosion-proof grade and Explosion-proof form in different combustible gas mixture environments.

Explosion proof lamp

With the rapid development of petroleum, chemical, mining, and other industries, lighting lamps are widely used in production, storage, and rescue. How to prevent the accidental explosion of lighting fixtures has become a very important subject in the explosive gas dangerous place. Explosion-proof lamp shell with light aluminum alloy die-casting molding, surface with high-voltage electrostatic spray processing. Through the unique light distribution design, precise control LED light type, and light-emitting angle, to avoid light pollution and ineffective light utilization, soft light, no glare, will not cause eye fatigue workers, improve work efficiency. The inner part of the lamp is provided with a wiring cavity and a special wiring terminal. Users in the installation can be directly into the line, do not need to set another junction box, easy to install. When replacing the lamp tube, just fold the lower end cover, you can directly replace the lamp tube. Can be equipped with emergency devices according to user requirements, built-in lightweight, when the external power is cut, the lamp automatically switches the emergency lighting state. Explosion-proof lamp general selection of light sources, Explosion-proof structure, the use of the classification.

Explosion proof lamp

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