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What is the difference between explosion proof light and ordinary lighting
Oct 25, 2021
People often ask the question, what is the explosion proof light? How to choose explosion proof light?

The concept of explosion proof light.

explosion proof light is used in dangerous places where combustible gases and dusts exist, and can prevent the arc, spark and high temperature that may be generated inside the light from igniting the combustible gases and dusts in the surrounding environment, so as to achieve the explosion-proof requirements of the light.

explosion proof light

The difference between explosion proof light and ordinary light

1. The installation method is different. Explosion-proof electrical appliances is the most critical is not grounded, grounded will be prone to sparking, and the power cord is more explosion-proof flame retardant type, anti-touch protection is to prevent explosion-proof lamps and lanterns shell easily accessible parts charged, so that human electrocution or conductors of different potentials touching the spark and ignite the explosive mixture. The difference in wiring also directly leads to the difference in the scope of use of the two.

2. Lampshade material is different. Just a different lampshade, the lamp inside is the same. Explosion-proof lampshade is composed of high-strength glass and metal mesh, which also determines the difference between the two use occasions.

3. The use of different environments. Whether explosion proof light or ordinary lamps and lanterns are lamps and lanterns, in production, storage, rescue are used as lighting, which is common to explosion-proof lamps and lanterns in general.

explosion proof light in addition to the general lighting fixture safety, whether in normal operation, or in the lamp failure, explosion proof light surface temperature must be lower than the ignition temperature in explosive environments, because different explosive environments, it is a dangerous gas or dust ignition point is different.

explosion proof light is a class of lighting fixtures with explosion-proof performance, with Ex such a mark, with Ex such a mark, for the presence of combustible gases and dust in dangerous places, to prevent the light may be generated inside the arc, sparks and high temperature ignition of combustible gases and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof lamps.

The sealing performance of explosion proof light, its dustproof ability is at least 4 levels, the protection ability of water is divided into 0-8 levels, in the structure of further protective measures, etc., the state has certain requirements for explosion-proof lamps. And non-explosion-proof lamps and lanterns do not have the above requirements.

explosion proof lamp

The choice of explosion proof light.

The choice of explosion proof light requires confirmation of the following conditions.

1. explosion proof logo. 2.

2. the type of light source: fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, metal halide lamps. 3.

3. lamp power (wattage). 4.

4 housing material; mainly cast aluminum, but also stainless steel (n type), resin plastic material (increased safety type). 5.

5. Protection level (indoor, outdoor).

6. One-piece or split type (separate ballast box).

7. installation mode: flange type, guardrail type, boom type, ceiling type, wall type.

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