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Why must be installed in the warehouse explosion proof lamp
Nov 11, 2021

When it comes to warehouse security, we usually think of measures, probably security personnel, door and window security and fire hydrant, fire extinguishers, etc., but little attention to the warehouse ceiling lights.

explosion proof lamp

The normal situation, the formal warehouse will be installed in accordance with the requirements of fire protection explosion proof lamp, for the warehouse to add an extra layer of protection. Of course, there are some less formal farmers warehouse or live in the warehouse, in order to save material costs and the use of ordinary lamps, this phenomenon is particularly common in non-professional civilian small warehouse.

Why must the warehouse be installed explosion proof lamp, ordinary household lamps can not?

Ouhui Lighting tells you that this is from the performance of the explosion proof lamp, explosion proof lamp is used for combustible gases and dust exist in dangerous places, can prevent the lamp may be generated inside the arc, sparks and high temperature ignition of combustible gases and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps.

Unlike ordinary household lamps, explosion proof lamp to achieve moisture-proof dust and corrosion protection, is the basic provision, the specific design specifications, according to different warehouse use environment, the required specifications are not the same. In particular, the warehouse of flammable and explosive products, it is necessary to use a relatively high level of explosion-proof special explosion proof lamp.

Although many warehouses are just stacked with ordinary goods, the use of ordinary lamps may not necessarily fire or explosion, but not afraid of a million on the off chance. Just like we cross the road when the light is green, will also look around; body health, but will also buy insurance is the same.

Such a guarantee, like our warehouse each security door next to the installation of a set of fire equipment, will not necessarily be used, but with them in, can always feel safe a lot.

explosion proof light

The next time you go to see the warehouse, if you encounter no explosion proof lamp warehouse, turn around and leave, do not look back, and then cheap can not be rented. Do your own small warehouse, but also to beware of black swan events, although the probability is small, but we can not afford to bring any one loss.

Stupid people bet on luck, smart people bet on probability.
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