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Necessity of using explosion proof high bay LED light in special situations
Jan 17, 2022

Since electric sparks or incandescent surfaces are unavoidable when ordinary lighting fixtures are in operation, they will lead to explosion accidents when they meet the explosive gas mixture at the site of production or rescue, life-threatening.

explosion proof high bay led light

The electrical parts of ordinary lamps and lanterns are more or less exposed, because of electrical failure or circuit aging, once exposed to explosive gas and combustible dust, it may explode! The explosion-proof high bay LED light can prevent the electric arc, spark, and high temperature which may be generated inside the lamp from igniting the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, thus meeting the explosion-proof requirements. Explosion Proof High Bay LED light is a type of explosion-proof light that works the same way as explosion-proof high bay LED light, except that the light source is an LED light source, is to prevent the ignition of the surrounding explosive mixture such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, Gas Gas and other specific measures taken by the lamps. Ledexsion Proof High Bay led light is suitable for petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other special processing industries, as well as more special warehouses, workshops and other indoor and outdoor places that need floodlighting. The installation of an explosion-proof high bay LED light should ensure that the fastening bolt can not be replaced arbitrarily, and the spring washer should be complete. Dust-proof and water-proof sealing rings should be installed as they are. Cable into the line, the cable and sealing gasket to cooperate closely, the cross-section of the cable should be round, and the surface of the sheath should not have concave-convex and other defects. The excess inlet shall be sealed according to the type of explosion-proof, and the compression nut shall be tightened to seal the inlet.

explosion proof high bay led light

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