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Routine maintenance of Explosion proof High Bay light
Feb 25, 2022

Explosion Proof High Bay Light is used in hazardous locations where combustible gases and dust may be present, preventing the arc, Sparks, and High temperatures that may be generated inside the lamp from igniting combustible gases and dust in the surrounding environment, in order to achieve the explosion-proof requirements of lamps and lanterns, in the daily maintenance, the need to pay attention to the following points.

Explosion proof High Bay light

Explosion Proof High Bay light should cut the power automatically before opening the lampshades. However, because the installation of an interlock device is more complex, not easy to achieve, most lamps and lanterns are only in the obvious place of the "do not open life" warning board. And because the surface temperature of the lamp is still very high after the power is cut off if the lampshade is turned on immediately, there is still a danger of igniting an explosive mixture of gases, so incandescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps are light sources with high surface temperature, and can quickly open the cover of the lamp to pay attention to this. The Cey-1 type Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, which is widely used in our company, has a cover-opening and power-off interlock mechanism, which provides convenience and safety for inspection and repair of the Explosion-proof High Bay Light. Because the fluorescent lamp is a cold light source lamp, there is no high surface temperature, the cover can be opened immediately after power failure.

Explosion proof High Bay light

Explosion Proof High Bay light should be properly protected from damage when changing light bulbs; cleaned Explosion-proof surfaces should be coated with phosphating paste or 204-1 anti-rust oil and no other paint should be applied; there should be no rust coating on Explosion-proof surfaces, if there is slight corrosion, after cleaning should be no pitted surface phenomenon. Explosion Proof High Bay light sealing rings for dust and waterproof must be kept intact, which is very important for safety-increasing lamps. If the seal ring is damaged seriously, use the same specifications, the same material to replace the seal ring, if necessary to replace the entire lamp. Check whether the lampshade is in good condition and replace it immediately if it is broken.

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