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The structure type and protection level of explosion proof light
Mar 16, 2022
Structure type

explosion proof light explosion-proof structure type, according to the explosive atmosphere of the regional level and scope of decision. Such as 1 zone must be used within the scope of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns; 2 zone fixed lamps and lanterns can be used explosion-proof and safety-enhancing type; mobile lamps and lanterns must be used explosion-proof type.

explosion proof light

The level or group of the selected explosion proof light should not be lower than the level and group of explosive mixtures in the explosive hazardous environment. At the same time to consider the impact of the environment on the explosion-proof lights, should meet the ambient temperature, air humidity, corrosive or polluting substances and other requirements of different environments. To choose the protection level and anti-corrosion level of lamps and lanterns according to different environmental requirements. Especially in the presence of corrosive gases in the explosive gas environment, it is crucial to choose lamps with corresponding anti-corrosion properties.

Previously, in petrochemical enterprises, the lighting fixtures in explosive hazardous places mainly use explosion-proof type. With the widespread use of safety-enhancing electrical equipment in explosion-hazardous places in Zone 2, safety-enhancing and composite lighting fixtures are increasingly being used. Safety-enhanced lamps and lanterns have certain explosion-proof performance, compared with explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, have the advantages of light weight, low price, easy installation and maintenance, and long service life.

The most common composite electrical equipment used in petrochemical enterprises is the explosion-proof safety - explosion-proof composite electrical equipment, generally by the explosion-proof parts, safety-enhanced terminals and safety-enhanced shell of three parts, it has both the safety performance of the explosion-proof type, but also has the advantages of the safety-enhanced type.

atex lighting

Protection level

In order to protect the dust, solid foreign matter and water into the light cavity, touch or accumulate on the live parts to produce jump fire, short circuit or damage electrical insulation and other dangers, there are a variety of shell protection to protect the role of electrical insulation. With the characteristic letter "IP" followed by two numbers to characterize its shell protection level. The first number indicates the protection against people, solid foreign objects or dust. Explosion proof light is a kind of sealed lamps and lanterns, its dustproof ability is at least 4 levels, the second number indicates the protection ability of water, divided into 0-8 levels.

Explosion proof sign composition and meaning


Explosion proof mark EX - indicates that the equipment is explosion-proof electrical equipment.


Explosion-proof structure form - indicates that the device uses what measures for explosion-proof, such as d for explosion-proof, p for positive pressure; i for intrinsically safe, etc..


Explosion-proof equipment category - divided into two categories, I for underground coal mine electrical equipment, II for factory electrical equipment.


Explosion-proof level - divided into A, B, C three levels, indicating the strength of its explosion-proof capacity.


Temperature group - divided into T1 ~ T6 six groups, indicating the maximum allowable surface temperature of the device.
Zhongtong Intelligence || The structure type and protection level of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns

Such as: explosion-proof mark for EXdIIBT4, the meaning of

EX - Explosion-proof general sign.

d - structure form, explosion-proof.

II - category, for factory use.

B - explosion-proof level, class B

T4 - temperature group, T4 group, the highest surface temperature ≤ 135 ℃.

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