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Why to choose explosion-proof lamp
Jun 21, 2022

At present, the mainstream lamps used by enterprises are explosion-proof lamps with self-ballasted mercury lamps as collateral or increased-safety fluorescent lamps with fluorescent lamps, low efficiency of light source, especially the short life of light source, poor security, frequent replacement, large maintenance, high-altitude work. Sometimes electric shock, high-altitude fall accidents occur, is the production of major electrical industry safety hazards.

explosion-proof lamp

Why choose the LED explosion-proof lamp?

LED lamps in general fall into the following several advantages.

1, safety performance: has been in line with the state authority explosion-proof standard, in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standard production. With excellent explosion-proof, anti-static performance. It can work safely in all kinds of inflammable and explosive places.

2. Energy-saving performance: LED light source, low energy consumption, high light efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of the same incandescent lamp with the same luminous flux. The invention breaks through the defect of low luminous efficiency of traditional tungsten wire, and has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency.

3, environmental performance: white LED light soft, non-glare, not cause eye visual fatigue workers. Good electromagnetic compatibility will not cause pollution to the power supply.

4. Working Performance: the transparent parts of the shell are made of imported bulletproof rubber material, with high light transmittance and good impact resistance, which can make the lamps work normally under various harsh environments.
5, easy to use: unique LDO drive circuit, ensure the LED module 100,000 hours of working life. With the humanized product design, customers can choose the suitable working voltage according to different lighting places. According to the need to choose a variety of installation methods, such as top-suction type, cable indirect introduction type.

Five types of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns


In the construction of explosion-proof electrical equipment, the equipment has a strong enough shell, can withstand the internal explosion of the gas mixture produced by the maximum explosion pressure of 1.5 times, and not less than 3.5 × 10pa of the impact.

To ensure that no deformation or damage occurs, that no permanent deformation occurs, and that there is a structural gap to allow the injected combustion products to be cooled to a temperature below the spontaneous combustion temperature of the external explosive mixture by means of a certain flange length, to achieve the goal of explosion-proof,
increased safety: explosion-proof electrical equipment in the structure of A, refers to the equipment to adopt a series of safety measures, such as the use of high-quality insulation materials, reduce temperature rise, increase the electrical gap, improve the quality of wire connection.

To prevent, to the greatest extent possible, the generation of electrical sparks, arcs or dangerous temperatures, or to prevent the generation of such sparks, arcs or temperatures from igniting an explosive mixture by means of effective protective elements, in order to achieve explosion-proof purposes.

Positive pressure type: in the construction of explosion-proof electrical equipment, which means to inflate the inside of the equipment to ensure that the pressure of the internal protective gas is higher than the surrounding, to avoid explosive mixture into the shell, or a sufficient amount of protective gas through the housing to reduce the concentration of the internal explosive mixture below the lower limit of the explosion.

Under normal circumstances, electrical equipment should not have the internal safety of the ventilation corner. In normal operation, the air outlet pressure or air pressure must not be less than a certain value, otherwise it will immediately alarm or cut off the power supply.

The spark and electric arc inside the equipment are not allowed to blow out from any gap or outlet. The positive pressure type structure has nothing to do with the level of explosive material in use, and is mostly used on the equipment with internal components easily damaged or on the large electrical equipment, or it is difficult to make other explosion-proof electrical equipment with spontaneous ignition point of T 4 or T 5

Non-spark type: under normal operating conditions will not ignite the surrounding explosive mixture, and generally will not occur ignition failure of electrical equipment known as non-spark.

Dust type: in the normal processing and production process, can produce dust clouds or dust layer of explosive and combustible substances, when mixed with air to a certain concentration, this environment must choose the"Dust-dense" shell, so that the dust can not enter the shell. Because the electrical components in the shell may produce arcs, sparks ignite dust and form an explosion.

The workplace, and safety requirements are different, design categories are also different.

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