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What's Atex Lighting?
Jul 12, 2022

Atex lighting is a kind of luminaire which is used in the dangerous place of combustible gas and dust, and can prevent electric tiger spark and high temperature from igniting the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the requirement of explosion-proof. Also known as explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lighting. Different combustible gas mixture environment has different requirements on the explosion-proof grade and the explosion-proof form of Atex lighting.


Atex lighting as the most widely used lighting, its explosion-proof technology has long attracted people's attention and attention. Aluminum alloy shell, surface spray; lighting, emergency dual-use; built-in maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatic charging under normal power supply, power failure or power failure on the emergency lights automatically lit; steel pipe wiring; In the emergency special lamp, the normal lighting and the emergency lighting are independent; the dual-purpose lighting, the normal lighting and the emergency lighting share one lamp body, and the light source is independent.


Atex lighting uses a unique light distribution design to precisely control the light type and light emitting angle of the LED light source to avoid light pollution and ineffective light utilization. The light is soft and non-glare, and will not cause eye fatigue of the workers, improve work efficiency. And it can also be selected according to customer requirements of the international famous brand T5 fluorescent tubes, high light efficiency, more in line with the actual lighting environment, compared with T8 fluorescent tubes save about 30% . And according to the user's requirements can be equipped with emergency devices, built-in light weight lamp body, when the external power failure, the lamp automatically switch emergency lighting state.


Atex lighting

Application of Atex lighting


The principle of the flame-proof type according to the concept of explosion-proof and fire-proof types of the European standard EN13463-1:2002, non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres part 1: basic methods and requirements, the flameproof type is one of the most commonly used types of flameproof that measures are taken to permit internal explosion and prevent flame propagation. Because this kind of explosion-proof type of lamp shell is generally made of metal materials, good heat dissipation, shell strength and good durability, very popular with users.


Moreover, many safety-increasing explosion-proof lamps and lanterns components, such as lamp holders, interlock switches and so on, also adopt explosion-proof structure. The electrical equipment with flameproof shell is called flameproof electrical equipment. If the explosive gas mixture enters the explosion-proof shell and is ignited, the explosion-proof shell can withstand the explosion pressure of the internal explosive gas mixture and prevent the internal explosion to spread to the explosive mixture around the shell. This is a kind of gap explosion-proof principle, that is, the use of metal gap can prevent the spread of the explosion flame and cooling the temperature of the explosion products, to achieve the flame extinguishment and cooling, to suppress the expansion of the explosion design of a structure.


It is suitable for the dangerous places in Zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment, Zone 20, Zone 21 and zone 22 of combustible dust environment, Zone IIA, IIB and IIC of explosive gas environment, Zone 20, Zone 21 and zone 22 of combustible dust environment Suitable for temperature group T 1-t 6 environment.


Ou Hui lighting has built up its own R & D team in the early days of the company and has more than 8 years of experience in all aspects of lighting products. If you want to know more about Atex lighting, please feel free to contact us.

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