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What are the features of explosion-proof led flood lights?
Jul 26, 2022

An explosion-proof lamp is a dangerous place for combustible gas and dust, which can prevent the electric arc, spark, and high temperature that may be generated inside the lamp from causing combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, to meet the requirements of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns. Including explosion-proof led flood light, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof projection lamp, explosion-proof work lamp, and other explosion-proof lamps. There are different requirements for the explosion-proof grade and the form of the explosion-proof lamp in the different environments of the possible gas mixture.


Explosion-proof led flood light features


Explosion-proof function

Products in strict accordance with GB3868-2000(electrical equipment for explosive gas environment-RRB- standards and other related standards, can be used in flammable and explosive places for safe work.


Light efficiency and energy saving

Choose gas-discharge lamp bubbles and high reflectivity mirror reflector, high light number, long life, large lighting range, high brightness: metal halide lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp two bulbs and a variety of power can be based on the working environment, lighting characteristics and light intensity of the actual needs of matching.


explosion-proof led flood light


The shell is made of high-strength alloy material and precise structure design and has high resistance to strong impact and impact. Optimized structure design and surface treatment, waterproof performance is good, can prevent immersion and strong waves, and has excellent corrosion resistance.


Installation Mode

Can choose a seat, wall, hanging, ceiling, and other installation methods: lamp holder to support the end of the shaft, can be 360 ° rotating lighting, and can be in the 16 ° range of left and right rotation lighting, to meet the needs of different work site lighting angle. Universal pipe thread cable inlet can be used for Φ8 ~ 14m cable with different wire diameters to lead into multiple cable inlet, which can realize the multi-lamp parallel connection and is suitable for layout engineering lighting.


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