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Why do young people prefer Atex LED lighting?
Aug 09, 2022

Why do young people prefer atex LED lighting to traditional incandescent or CFLs?


For one thing, Atex LED lighting is a light-emitting diode device that converts electrical energy into light energy while in use, reducing losses and causing less damage to the environment!


On the other hand, Atex LED lighting is a long life, the general quality of the situation can be guaranteed to use 100,000 hours!


atex LED lighting


What other advantages does atex LED lighting have?


1. Energy saving and emission reduction


Ordinary incandescent lamps, light bulbs, and energy-saving lamps often operate at temperatures of 80-120 ° C and emit a large amount of infrared radiation that is harmful to human skin.


Atex LED lighting, on the other hand, emits no infrared in its spectrum, and it radiates excellent heat, with temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 degrees.



2. Short response time


In the regular use of energy-saving lamps or ordinary incandescent lamps, sometimes voltage instability will occur flickering.


Atex LED lighting is faster than incandescent or CFLs, and it takes 5-6 minutes for flicker to reach a steady brightness at low temperatures.



3. Easy to replace


The ATEX LED lighting interface is no different from regular bulbs and CFLs and can be replaced directly.


The general purchase of the same model of ATEX LED lighting can be normal use, no need to replace another change interface or wiring can easily be achieved from ordinary lighting to LED lighting!



4. Health


Ordinary light bulbs and CFLs emit a lot of infrared and ultraviolet light, both of which are harmful to food and human health.


Atex LED lighting, on the other hand, doesn't emit infrared and ultraviolet light when it's at work. The latter, by contrast, is more health-friendly!



5. Safe


Ordinary light bulbs or energy-saving lamp materials used for glass, and hard objects in contact, easy to appear broken phenomenon, and easy to prick fingers. (energy-saving or ordinary light bulbs are also more likely to shatter and burst when they are hot.)


ATEX LED lighting is safer because it works at lower temperatures and has excellent heat dissipation!


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