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OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light
  • Street-light
  • OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light
  • OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light
  • OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light
  • OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light
  • OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light
  • OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light

OHNL9223 (120~200W) Street light

Range of application:

■ It is suitable for efficient lighting of railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, iron and steel, aviation, shipping and all kinds of factory roads and all kinds of urban trunk and branch roads;
■ It is suitable for energy-saving renovation projects and places where maintenance and replacement are difficult;
■ Suitable for places with high protection requirements, humid and harsh environment;
■ It is suitable for places with high anti-corrosion requirements and harsh environment;

Product Features

Electrical components: the light source adopts the first-line brand (Cree) LED light-emitting chip, with ultra-high luminous efficiency and an average service life of 100000 hours. The power supply adopts the latest wide voltage technology, with constant current output, short-circuit, overvoltage protection and other functions. The lamp body is equipped with a built-in lightning protector to resist surge lightning.

Intelligent control: intelligent lighting system can be installed to realize remote control, status query, environment collection, electronic map, lamp condition monitoring and other functions, so as to reduce the operation and maintenance costs from labor and lamp loss.

Heat dissipation design: the light source radiator adopts integrated die casting molding, heat dissipation counter current design, increases the heat dissipation area, speeds up the heat dissipation efficiency, has excellent heat conduction and heat dissipation performance, effectively controls the temperature rise of the power supply within a reasonable range, so as to ensure the service life of the lamp.

Optical lampshade: using optical grade lens, a variety of luminous angles, to deal with all kinds of roads, high light transmittance, uniform and soft light irradiation, anti glare, with ultra transparent protective glass mask, non-destructive light, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance.

Protection and anti-corrosion: the lamp body is treated by high-voltage electrostatic spraying, and the screw fasteners are made of stainless steel. With high-precision processing technology, the lamp has the characteristics of high anti-corrosion, high waterproof and high dust prevention, so that the lamp can work stably for a long time in all kinds of harsh environments.

Installation method: multi functional tailstock adapter can be installed with horizontal or vertical bar according to the demand, and can be adjusted at any angle. The installation is simple, and the wiring is fast and convenient. The lamp body adopts anti-seismic materials and shock absorption structure, which is suitable for various high frequency and strong vibration places.

Product appearance: it adopts integrated streamline appearance and perfect integration of structure, elegant design and special gray color matching, which is suitable for matching with all kinds of roads.

Product Parameters

Product model


Power factor


Rated voltage

AC 220V50/60Hz

Working environment temperature


Rated power


Type of light source


Protection level


Relative color temperature


Luminous angle


Color rendering index




Light source life


Base specifications


Start time


Anticorrosion grade


Executive standard

GB 7000.201-2008

Light efficiency of light source


GB 7000.1-2015

Product size


Product weight


Test Report

Light Distribution Diagram

Illuminance Figure

Light Distribution Diagram

Illuminance Figure


120W Street light


200W Street light

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